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JetCraft is a 2D platform sidescroller game and level editor for StarCraft 2.
The game's objective is to leave the level through the exit door which will only open once the player has collected all the keys scattered around.
The player will also be able to collect various treasures to increase the end score, but only the keys are mandatory to complete the level.
The map comes with its own in-game level editor which allows players to create their own JetCraft levels and share with other people online.
JetCraft has been under development since October 2012 and is currently in early beta stage.
Key Features: (version 1.0.0)
 • Play through an extensive list of challenge maps to get the highest scores possible.
 • Play together with up to three other players in the online versus and coop mode.
 • Create and save up to 32 custom levels using the easy-to-use in-game level editor.
 • Share your creations with other players over Battle.Net.
 • Downloadable local copy allows players to play the map singleplayer without input delays.
 • Rebind-able controls allows you to play with whatever key setup you find comfortable.

Visit the official website for the work-in-progress game manual and beta information.

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